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My name is Scott French and the purpose of this site is to offer my domains and websites (the DotComDelight portfolio) -- for sale. This collection of approx 250 quality E-commerce domains & websites covers a broad spectrum of Internet opportunities including online storefronts, the ChatSanctum social networking website template, chat and forum portals, website content, and webmaster lease service contracts. I am flexible and motivated to liquidate both ChatSanctum and the DotComDelight portfolio. I will sell these assets individually, but, prefer selling the whole package. If you're interested or have questions, please contact me. I am a professional with Real Estate Brokerage, Nursing, and Programming background. My credit and credentials are in order and this is a "No Nonsense" offering.

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© DotComDelight - by : Scott French

My name is Scott French. I am the creator and webmaster of this website. Please feel free to contact me.


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Get A Customized Website Using The ChatSanctum Social Networking Technology

My name is Scott French; I made this site using a social networking technology - which, I created and call: "ChatSanctum". If you need a custom tailored website with Chat & Forum functionality, please consider letting me build it for you using my ChatSanctum template. In addition, I can help you create and deploy all types of media content from: text articles, promo ads, video presentations, sound, pictures, slide shows, etc.. And if you like, I can also handle your ongoing webmastering needs as well.

Contact me at: mail@ScottFrench.info


512 400 0246

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Web Stock Content

The short articles listed below are examples of website content that is included with the ChatSanctum template. Quotations and photos used at this site are also part of the website stock content that comes packaged with the ChatSanctum template. There are about a thousand quotations available and hundreds of pictures. Contact me for an exact itemized listing of content.

Giving ~ ( A Short Article About Giving )

Beliefs ~ ( A Short Article About Beliefs 1 )

Beliefs 2 ~ ( A Short Article About Beliefs 2 )

Cause & Effect ~ ( A Short Article About Cause & Effect )

Character ~ ( A Short Article About Character )

Choices ~ ( A Short Article About Choices )

Freedom ~ ( A Short Article About Freedom )

Thoughts ~ ( A Short Article About Thoughts )

Ego ~ ( A Short Article About The Ego )

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